About Us

Erin PhysioFitness is a privately owned and operated multi disciplinary clinic in Erin Ontario that has a team of registered physiotherapists, massage therapists, and chiropodist/foot specialist. These licensed practitioners will diagnose your medical history, evaluate your current physical state and will provide the right treatment plan for wellness and recovery. Our services are not OHIP funded. They are covered fully or partially by Extended Health Care Plans, Motor Vehicle Insurance or The WSIB with a myriad of healthcare services, we are dedicated to serving patients from all walks of life.


Our Vision & Values

Erin PhysioFitness supports and inspires patients to live a happier and healthier life by achieving their specific health and wellness goals. By implementing a set of strong and clear values, we help you maintain your optimal health condition.

  • We believe living healthier is possible.
  • We value life-long relationships.
  • We believe passion is a good thing.
  • We value optimistic people who do great work.
  • We believe in building healthier communities.

Our Facility & Equipment

At Erin PhysioFitness, we have a warm and inviting atmosphere for body relaxation and healing. We have open and inviting interiors with a welcoming feel, while spacious treatment rooms with natural lighting enhance the overall therapeutic experience.

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